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Improving the Health of the Monadnock Region One Ride at a Time

Call for Transportation

More than 90% of our riders no longer have to hesitate to make necessary medical or social services appointments.

Volunteer to Drive

"I feel so much happier myself since becoming a Volunteer Driver. Giving my time to help others benefits me as much my riders."

Donate to Help Meet Needs

Giving to CVTC helps more people get the rides they need so they feel less of a burden on family and friends, feel less anxious and eat healthier meals.

Rides to Vaccinations, Even on Weekends

CVTC Volunteer Drivers are taking riders to vaccination appointments, as long as you live in one of the 34 Monadnock Region towns, and even if the clinic is beyond Keene.

Once you’ve got an appointment for a vaccine, call CVTC at 821-0569 for a ride at least five (5) days before the appointment, so that drivers have time to sign up.

Importantly, CVTC can arrange for rides in a wheelchair van if that is needed. Let us help you get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Update to CVTC’s Protocol in Response to COVID-19 Virus in NH

As CVTC encountered the changes wrought by COVID-19, our transportation service never stopped. Many of our drivers continued to take those who needed rides to their essential destinations. CVTC did promptly and successfully implement the following safety procedures:

·         All of our volunteer drivers wear face masks, either their own or those that CVTC has provided. Drivers are encouraged to distribute as many of the facemasks we have provided to riders as may be necessary (masks were purchased through a grant from Tufts Health Foundation).

·         Drivers are sanitizing their cars before and after every pickup and drop off, and checking with riders in their previous-day calls to make sure they plan to keep their appointments.

·         Riders have been sitting in the back seat where possible, and some drivers have installed a clear liner between the front and back seats.

·         When riders call in their trips, they are reminded to cancel their appointments if they feel ill, have a fever, or show signs of sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, etc.

·         Drivers also have the option of cancelling under the same circumstances.