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Improving the Health of the Monadnock Region One Ride at a Time

Call for Transportation

More than 90% of our riders no longer have to hesitate to make necessary medical or social services appointments.

Volunteer to Drive

"I feel so much happier myself since becoming a Volunteer Driver. Giving my time to help others benefits me as much my riders."

Donate to Help Meet Needs

Giving to CVTC helps more people get the rides they need so they feel less of a burden on family and friends, feel less anxious and eat healthier meals.

NH Gives June 9 & 10 - NH Gives, a 24-hour online fundraising event, boosts CVTC's fundraising efforts. It enables CVTC to reach new donors through state-wide visibility where everyone can participate by a simple click. This is our fifth year taking part in NH Gives, which is sponsored by the NH Center for Nonprofits.

Accomplishments In 2019
In 2019, 85 CVTC volunteer drivers drove 309 riders from 34 towns in the Monadnock Region to help them arrive for their essential appointments all over the state. More than 3,330 rides were requested, the trips totaled more than 97,000 miles, and drivers donated 5,195 hours of their time.

CVTC’s Protocol in Response to COVID-19 Virus in NH

To the extent that an outbreak of COVID-19 were to occur among our ridership and volunteers, CVTC will consult with the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services to determine if we should cancel providing rides for a period of time. Decisions around whether or not to implement this decision would be highly dependent on the epidemiology of COVID-19 in New Hampshire and would involve many considerations that balance potential benefits against potential harms.

CVTC cannot guarantee that the decision to cease providing rides would be entirely in our control, instead the decision would be in consultation with the NH state authorities. In the meantime, please follow the recommended precautions to minimize the risk of infection.