Ellen Avery
Executive Director
Chair, Monadnock Region Coordinating Council for Community Transportation
603-821-4081 or 1-877-428-2882 x 3

Leah Christian
Transportation Coordinator
603-821-0569 or 1-877-428-2882 x 5

Tracy Wagoner
Transportation Coordinator
603-821-0569 or 1-877-428-2882 x 5

Renee Sangermano
Advancement Assistant
603-821-0285 or 1-877-428-2882 x 4

Michael Reimer

CVTC Board of Directors 2021-2022

Dee Belanger, CVTC Board Chair, Putnam Foundation
Eileen Fernandes, Retired Human Service Professional
Kristina Germano, CVTC Treasurer, Little Leaf Farms
John MacLean, Municipal Consultant
Sheila Mahon, Monadnock Develpmental Services
Sandra Metivier, Retired Human Service Professional
Kathy Mota, Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention
Matt Waitkins, CVTC Secretary, Nashua Regional Planning Commission                                                                                                                                                                                            Dave Whaley, Retired UPS Operations
Tricia Zahn, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Health

Volunteer Drivers

60 Volunteers from across the Monadnock Region