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What if I feel uncomfortable carpooling with a stranger?

That's understandable, that's why we suggest that you meet potential carpool partners in a public place before you commit to carpooling. Meet, talk, and decide whether or not you would feel comfortable sharing a ride. If you still feel uncomfortable after meeting, you can simply choose not to pursue the rideshare arrangement. You are not obligated to carpool. If you do feel comfortable enough to rideshare, perhaps you could agree to a trial rideshare period to test the waters. If things don't work out, the rideshare arrangement ends, no string attached, and if the arrangement is mutually agreeable, you continue to rideshare.

In addition to the tips listed below, you will find our Carpool Etiquette Checklist very helpful. You can use it to record your carpool contact information, agreed upon payment information, driving schedules, and talking point agreements all in one place! Download the Carpool Etiquette Checklist.

  • When you respond to a ride listing, CVTC forwards your response by email to the person who posted the listing, enclosing your email address. The next step is to exchange emails to get to know a bit more about each other. You can increase your confidence level by finding out who you know in common, or if you belong to the same clubs or go to the same worship services.
  • You should meet the person you're considering traveling with, in a public place, before agreeing to travel together. Discuss driving safety.
  • Confirm your prospective travel partner's phone number by calling it. Other ways of increasing confidence include exchanging photographs, copying your travel partner's driver's license or other photo ID information, and asking for personal references and calling them.
  • We suggest that you exchange emergency contact numbers before traveling, and exchange any important medical information.

Please keep in mind that the Internet is like a big city with all kinds of people in it. Don't travel with someone you don't trust.

More tips for successful carpooling

Do I have to rideshare everyday?

Absolutely not--you and your rideshare partners can determine what arrangement works best for you. Some of the most successful carpools only operate a few days a week. Some people just find it more convenient to carpool one or two days a week because they're still able to save money by ridesharing a few days and they still have their own cars a few days a week to run errands. Discuss your situation and preference with your rideshare partners and figure out what arrangement works best for all involved!

  • Determine a route and schedule. Establish the morning pickup point(s) and designate a place(s) to meet for the trip home.
  • Be punctual. Decide as a group how long the pool will wait for a passenger. The usual waiting time is 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Establish a cost sharing arrangement. If the members of your carpool do not share the driving equally, come to an understanding of how the costs will be shared and agree on payment dates.
  • Establish some ground rules. Smoking, music, food, drinks etc. Discuss possible irritants among group, ie, some people may be sensitive to strong perfumes or colognes, some may like quiet time in the morning.
  • Draw up a schedule for driving responsibilities. If all members of your carpool alternate driving, decide among yourselves if you want to alternate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Drive carefully and keep the car clean, in good repair and filled with enough gas for each trip. There should be no excuses for excessive speed, use of alcohol, or reckless maneuvers.
  • Set up a line of communication. If a driver is ill, or will not be going to work one day, an alternate driver should be notified to ensure that other members or the carpool will have a ride. If a rider is ill or will not be working, the driver must be contracted as soon as possible. Ensure everyone has a copy of home, work or cell phone numbers. Don't forget to give notice of vacation, personal or overtime plans.
  • Side trips on the way home: Determine beforehand whether you wish to include any errands into your carpooling. Some workplace carpools may wish to eliminate side trips. Others may see this as an opportunity for everyone to pick up some groceries on the way home. See tips on Errand-pooling below.
  • Make sure you are covered by your insurance company. Some policies may offer rate reductions for ridesharing.
  • Give your carpool some time to work. It usually takes a few weeks to arrange everyone's routine into a harmonious pattern. Most carpoolers discover they really enjoy the company of their fellow carpoolers and find it a benefit they had not anticipated.


The CVTC Rideboard makes it easy to hook up with your neighbors to save money when traveling to the grocery store, pharmacy, health club, and other destinations. It also provides a way for you to give a ride to those in your community who may lack transportation. Use the same common sense approach to safety described above, and soon you will be making new friends in your neighborhood.

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