About CVTC

CVTC is the result of a grass-roots project begun in 2006 as part of the 5-year Under One Roof Project funded by the Federal Administration on Developmental Disabilities. Interested parties, including area human service agencies, transportation providers, planning organizations, and private citizens, formed a steering group which met monthly to envision a solution to the problem of transportation in this rural area.

The project received an Endowment for Health Planning Grant to assess transportation needs through surveys and public forums, and develop a plan to address them.

The results from this process were used to guide the creation of a cooperative, grass-roots organization dedicated to the goal of Transportation for Everyone, and supported by a second Endowment for Health Planning Grant.

The engine that drives CVTC is the Board of Town Transportation Representatives, formed in October of 2007. Representatives from each town meet monthly to share ideas and represent the needs of their towns. These dedicated volunteers help coordinate community transportation activities and build the relationship between CVTC and their municipality.

CVTC launched its first three programs in the fall of 2008 with the aid of an Endowment for Health Theme Implementation Grant.

  • The Volunteer Driver Program, supported by a New Freedom Program grant from the Federal Transit Administration, works with networks of volunteer drivers in each town, coordinated through the CVTC toll-free telephone number.
  • The Rideshare Program uses the online Rideboard to help drivers and riders find each other and save on gas, pollution, and congestion. Those without computers or Internet access can phone the toll-free number to post ride requests or look for ride offers.

This website, supported by an Express Grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Monadnock Fund, not only provides information about CVTC but is a tool used actively by those involved in the programs. Use the navigation bar to the left to find out more.

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